Mission Statement

The Illinois Animal Welfare Federation believes education of leaders is paramount to advancing the care, treatment and respect of all animals.  As leaders in animal welfare, we provide valued and respected resources to community members, elected officials and animal organizations.

Our Purpose

To act as a strong, unified voice for the protection of all animals.

To assist animal humane societies, animal control facilities and other animal welfare organizations in strengthening their organizations and programs.

To promote the kind and humane treatment of animals and the enforcement of laws for the protection of animals.

To provide and promote training and education of humane investigators, animal control officers, and other animal welfare workers.

To gather and distribute for the use and benefit of its members and the public, information regarding pending and existing federal, state and local animal welfare legislation and to promote a Federation position on proposed legislation.

To encourage cooperative, supportive, and collaborative relationships among  humane societies, animal control facilities, and other animal welfare organizations.

To engage in such other activities as shall encourage and promote kindness, consideration and prevention of cruelty to animals and also to exercise all other powers, rights and privileges conferred by the laws of the State of Illinois.

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