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This update is for informational use only. The Illinois Animal Welfare Federation provides this information so that you may make informed decisions.   You can review these bills and others, including their current status, at www.ilga.gov.  Watch this site, our member emails, and the IAWF Facebook page for updates and alerts on how you can help the animals through legislative efforts.  If you’d like input into the IAWF legislative platform, contact any board member with your ideas, issues, concerns, or comments.

The animals need your help - get involved!   To make your voice heard for the animals,

  • Watch our website and social media for pending bills, current actions, and periodic updates.
  • Enter witness slips in support or opposition when bills are before committee.  If you need help filling out a witness slip, see the How to Section at the bottom of this page. 
  • Know who your senators and representatives are and contact them with your opinions – ask them for their support and vote.  If you don't know who your legislators are, go to Legislator Lookup at www.ilga.gov

Don’t let bill numbers confuse you.  There is a method to how bills are identified.  Bills that originate in the House will have a Representative as the sponsor and will be referenced by an “HB” in front of the bill number.  Similarly, bills that originate in the Senate will have a Senator as the sponsor and be referenced by an “SB” in front of the bill number.  Bill numbers are assigned chronologically as they are filed. 

Public Acts are the result of bills passing both chambers of the General Assembly and being signed into law by the Governor.  The numbers associated with a Public Act reference which General Assembly where the bill became law and a chronological number as the bill became law.  For instance, PA 101-0295 below is a Public Act that became law in the 101st General Assembly and was the 295th Public Act to become law during the session.

2022 Legislation – 102nd General Assembly

The Spring Session of the 102nd General Assembly ended without any significant animal welfare legislation passed.  A number of bills were introduced but failed to move out of their respective chambers.  This legislative session didn’t produce much activity due to the need to pass a budget, COVID restrictions, and Illinois’ election cycle.  The IAWF anticipates that many of these bills may receive some activity during the veto session this fall or be introduced again in 2023.

Additionally, the Department of Agriculture is currently considering revisions to the proposed rule changes to the Animal Welfare Act that could have serious and detrimental ramifications for animal shelters and animal control agencies.  The IAWF has submitted a written response to the proposed rules and participated in a meeting to emphasis our members’ concerns.  A revised version of the proposed rules has been circulated, but we are still waiting to see if/when they will be voted on. We will alert our members to them when they are published.

2021 Legislation

The following bills became Public Acts in 2021.  You can read the new language at www.ilga.gov.

Public Act 102-0114 – Effective 1/1/22
Animals Forfeiture

Public Act 102-0128 - Effective 1/1/22
Sales Finance Agency Act

Public Act 102-0283 - Effective 1/1/22
Affordable Housing Pets

Public Act 102-0586 - Effective 2/23/22
Animal Welfare Pet Shops

Public Act 102-0604 - Effective 1/1/22
ANCRA Implicit Bias Training

Public Act 102-0690 - 11/22/21
Mass Animal Mortality Event

Public Act 102-0216 - Effective 1/1/22
Mass Mortality Event

Public Act 102-0328 - Effective 1/1/22
Home Owners Liability Ins-Dog Ins

Public Act 102-0329 - Effective 1/1/22
Feral Cat Spay/Neuter

2019 Legislation

Public Acts that have an impact on animal welfare and animal control in 2019:

PA 101-0295 – Amends the Animal Welfare Act to eliminate foster home licenses and require management of foster homes through sponsoring animal shelters; defines the word “return” for trap, neuter, return programs; requires separate licenses for different operations; strengthens neutering requirements for adoptions; and increases administrative fines and license fees.

PA 101-0299 – Requires the rabies vaccination of cats over the age of 4 months; exempts feral cats except that if a feral cat is presented to a veterinarian, it must be vaccinated against rabies; and requires that a veterinarian inoculating a cat against rabies must provide a rabies certificate to the owner or the person who presented the feral cat.

2018 Legislation

Several bills have passed through both Houses in the General Assembly this year that affect animals and those who work with them.  These are the new Public Acts:

PA 100-322 - Best Practices and Uniforms Standards to Ensure Consumer Protection and Safe Pets Act.

PA 100-323 - Research Dogs and Cats Adoption Act

PA 100-405 –Amends the Animal Control Act.  Establishes limits for the use of a county animal population control fund.

PA 100-740 - Amends the Humane Care for Animals Act to allow law enforcement to temporarily take custody a dog or cat that is in a life-threatening situation for a prolonged period of time in extreme heat or cold conditions that may result in injury or death.

PA 100-787 - Amends the Animal Control Act to allow counties to retain the $10 licensing differential and public safety fees for their own animal population control fund.

PA 100-870 - Amends the Animal Welfare Act to set forth additional statistical information licensed agencies must collect on the animals handled each year.

PA 100-971 - Amends the Animal Control Act to define "Reckless Dog Owner" and provide penalties for designation as one.

How to Enter a Witness Slip

  1. Go to www.ilga.gov.
  2. Enter your bill number to determine which committee it has been assigned.
  3. Go back to Home page and click on GA Dashboard and follow these steps.file_witness_slip


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