Board of Directors 

The IAWF Board meets quarterly.  Each meeting allows time for IAWF members to address issues, make comments or ask questions.  Members must contact the IAWF secretary no later than 5 days prior to a meeting to be placed on the agenda.  2019 meetings are held January, April, July 19 and October 18.

Anna Payton- President
(630) 256-3630
Aurora Animal Care and Control
Matt Ciesielczyk- Vice President
(847) 289-2668
Elgin Police Animal Control
Michelle Groeper- Secretary
(815) 758-2457
Tails Humane Society
Mary Tiefenbrunn- Treasurer
(217) 344-7297
Champaign County Humane Society
Kelly Blume
(815) 937-2949
Kankakee County Animal Control 
David Dinger
(312) 644-8338 x 302
The Anti Cruelty, Inc.
Karen Gregory
(815) 844-7837
Livingston County Humane Society

Arthur Hamilton
(312) 747-1389
Chicago Animal Care and Control


Greg Largent
(217) 535-3065
Sangamon County Animal Control

Lauren Malmberg
Abby Smith
(773) 465-4132
Felines & Canines, Inc

Becky Spencer
(309) 672-2445
Peoria County Animal Protection Services

Diane Spyrka
(773) 667-0088
Animal Welfare League
Tom Van Winkle
(630) 323-5630
Hinsdale Humane Society
Kitty Yanko
(309) 672-2447
Peoria Humane Society







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